Kim Possible

Kimberly Ann Possible. i just love that name. Kim Possible is a normal teenager. She goes to school, is on time for the cheerleading practice and saves the world on a daily basis. Ron Stoppable is her best friend since like ever. He’s her trusty sidekick, who she usually needs to save, but is very helpful. Dr. Drakken is her arch enemy that … Continue reading Kim Possible


This one cracks me up. This is my mother’s plant. And it just won’t grow. It blooms June and July. It likes the sun (that’s why mom’s parsley is dead) You can pick it till late summer and you can freeze it no problem. You can add it to salads, soups, fish… I don’t  ‘cause I hate green stuff in my food. Continue reading Parsley


Who remembers Alpha Teens On Machines? Jetix? Disney XD, perhaps? i think it was only on Jetix,… Anyway. This rich dude (inventor or something) issues a challenge these five teens enter in and win. They get free living facilities and they get to test out vehicles and other machines AND they get paid to do it. Lucky them. BUT. There has … Continue reading A.T.O.M.


My favorite fruit.   I grow both American blueberries and the other kind. The first is a little bigger.   It needs to have space, because it’s a bush. Water it every day during the summer because the ground just turns into a desert. But it won’t die if you forget and water it once a week. It does depend on where you live, … Continue reading Blueberries


Not the movie. I tried to watch it. I couldn’t. Let’s just leave it at that.  So, this one is a calming plant. It blooms from may till august.  It likes to grow near ponds. At least mine does. It likes the sun.  Since it’s for calming it’s okay to put a drop of it … Continue reading Valerian 

Teen Titans

do not mention teen titans go. Ever. please.   Teen titans was an animated show from CARTOON NETWORK in  2003. So yea, i feel  freakin’ old. There used to be a bunch of episodes on youtube. I couldn’t find any… but the first episode is called Teen Titans: Divide and Conquer it went on for … Continue reading Teen Titans


If you read my winter post you’ll know what i’m talking about. If not here’s the link: click me, click me, click me! ✌️ Yea this bird should be turned 90 degrees to the right, right?  Photo by LG K8 model that drowned in a school toilet (pro tip: do not, under any circumstances keep your … Continue reading FOUND IT


It’s got these velvet like leaves. It blooms from June till August.   It seriously don’t like winter so better cover it when the cold comes. It likes to grows on window shelves. It. repels. Mosquitos. Tea helps with insomnia. it’s called sage Continue reading Salvia

Teen wolf 

Soooo a cute boy gets bitten by a warewolf and obviously turns into a warewolf.   Scott and Stiles are best friends since ever. Scott is a good hearted  boy, looking out for his friends, crushing on the new girl, figuring out his new warewolf powers. Stiles is sarcastic smartass that stands by his friends … Continue reading Teen wolf